Our professional roofing services include:

  • Wind, Hail and Storm Damage Roofing Repairs and Roof Replacement
  • Leaking Roof Repair and Roof Patching
  • Complete Roof Tear-Offs and Roof Replacements
  • Asphalt Shingles and Architectural Shingles
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wide Selection of Colors and Styles for You to Choose From
  • Installation of Proper Roof Ventilation for Longer Roof Life


Our professional Gutter services include:

  • Wind, Hail and Storm Damage Repair or Replacement
  • Proper Gutter Replacement and Advanced Gutter Guards and Downspout Repair
  • Large Selection of Beautiful Colors and Styles for You to Choose From
  • Seamless Gutters and Downspout Installation


Our professional Siding services include:

  • Wind, Hail and Storm Damage Siding Repair or Replacement
  • Siding Insulation
  • Large Selection of Beautiful Colors and Styles for You to Choose From


Our professional Fencing services include:

  • Privacy, Semi-privacy, Horizontal, Custom
  • Wood Fence
  • Cedar Fence with Topper
  • Custom Gates
  • Metal Fence
  • Temporary Fence
  • Install New Fencing
  • Repair or Replace Fencing
  • Stain, Paint or Natural Protection Options


Our professional Construction services include:

  • Window Replacement
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Hardwood Flooring Installation
  • Painting

Additional Services


AMG Roofing & Construction is one of the few companies that have the proactive mentality. We like to resolve an issue before it becomes a problem. Items that most people don’t consider such as ventilation, weather proofing roof penetrations or chimneys are easily addressed before they create a problem.

Ventilation – If you go to your attic in the summer and it feels like it is 1,000 degrees, chances are you don’t have enough air movement. As a result, your air conditioner will be working much harder that it is designed to and raise you electric consumption. This can be caused by either not havening enough vents or not having the proper one installed. There are many options to choose from such as ridge vents, air turbines, low profile vents or motorized vents. AMG will be happy to evaluate your air flow and recommend the proper plan of action.

Weather proofing penetrations – Most homes have anywhere from 6 to 12 penetrations. From heat stack venting you water heater or furnace to sewer vents from you bathrooms, they all go out through you roof. They all have either a rubber or lead seal. With Texas extreme weather and ranging temperatures, these seals wear over time. By replacing them, you can avoid leaks that overtime can and will damage your wood and sheetrock that protect your home.

Chimneys – Weather you use your chimney or not, chances are that your home has a chimney stack. Over time, weather and temperatures, the materials that compose your chimney stack wear out. We will be happy to inspect the materials as well as the flashing that is designed to keep water out. If you do have a leak or trying to prevent one, let AMG give you a free evaluation.

Christmas Lights

AMG Roofing & Construction installs Christmas lights for your home. We use commercial grade lights that are guarantee to work for numerous seasons. Weather your home is a two story, has steep roof line or you simply don’t like climbing a latter, we have your solution. We will custom fit your home with lights without the obnoxious extension cords lying across your roof.

Our systems are designed to custom fit your roofline with no expose wires or extension cords. Not only will we come and do all the installation, but we come back in January and remove and pack all lights ready for storage. The following year, you simply leave the boxes we provided by your door step and we will reinstall them for you year after year.